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In a nutshell, Jenkins is the leading open source automation server. Built with Java, it provides hundreds of plugins to support building, testing, deploying and automation for virtually any project.

CCJPE: Introduction

Welcome to our Jenkins Certification course! If you haven’t heard, Cloudbees (the creators of Jenkins) recently released two certifications, the CJE and CCJPE. We'll help you learn everything you need to know to pass them!

CCJPE: Setting up a Jenkins Master

In this short lesson, we’re going to set up a Jenkins master from scratch.

CCJPE: Jenkins Jobs

A jenkins job is just something that we want our Jenkins server to do, which can really be anything.

CCJPE: Source Control Management

We’re going to show you how to integrate source control management with Jenkins.

CCJPE: Polling & Webhooks

How to automatically trigger a Jenkins job anytime a change is pushed to a repository

CCJPE: Plugins Part I

In this lesson we’re going to cover the first half of the open source Jenkins plugins on the CCJPE

CCJPE: Plugins Part II

In this lesson we’re going to cover the second half of the open source Jenkins plugins on the CCJPE

CCJPE: Continuous Integration

What is Continuous Integration and why is it important?

CCJPE: Pipeline Plugin

Learn how to set up Jenkins Pipeline-as-Code

CCJPE: Jenkins API Tutorial

Don't worry, the Jenkins API is extremely easy to use!

CCJPE: Jenkins Windows Slave

We’ll be starting out with two servers, a Jenkins master, and a fresh Server 2012 R2 VM with the latest Java JDK and .NET 3.5 installed.

CCJPE: Jenkins High Availability

Learn how to set up Jenkins HA!

CCJPE: Jenkins Job Builder

Generating Jenkins Jobs from YAML! :D

CCJPE: Jenkins Operations Center

Learn how to manage multiple masters from CJOC!

CCJPE: Jenkins Analytics

Overview of Jenkins Analytics Plugin

CCJPE: Jenkins Security

Authentication, Authorization, and RBAC!

Jenkins for Operations

If you haven't heard of Jenkins, it's something that your developer friends have probably been using for several years, but it can help tremendously

CCJPE: Jenkins Templates

Use templates to simplify job creation!

Jenkins & GitHub + Powershell Params

In this lesson, we're going to integrate Jenkins and Github for version control. We'll start off with a Jenkins master running on Ubuntu, with a Server


We're going to use a story to illustrate how to solve real world problems using DevOps tooling and concepts.

DevOps for Beginners Introduction

Introduction to the course, and our imaginary webapp company: Montonomy.com.


By combining the massively popular Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana, you can create an open source logging Platform that's not only beautiful, but scales as well!

ELK Stack for Logging Tutorial

ELK is an amazing open source logging system, and we'll show you how to set it up!